The Double Stop Podcast with Brian Sword

Ep. 57: Tom Werman (Producer: Cheap Trick, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, Dokken, Rock Star)


Tom Werman walks us through his legendary producing career, from Cheap Trick to Motley Crue, and Twisted Sister to Dokken. He talks about his early days in music, and his rise to famed music Producer multiple hit records under his belt. He also addresses criticism by Cheap Trick, Twisted Sister and Motley Crue over his production style, and discusses his challenges working with George Lynch on the “Tooth and Nail” cd. He also covers the film Rock Star, and how helpful Jeff Pilson was in the studio. And finally, we discuss his retirement from the music business, and his latest venture – a luxury Bed & Breakfast in Massachusetts called Stoneover Farm.

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Ep. 56: Spencer Proffer (Producer: Quiet Riot, WASP, Tina Turner)


Spencer Proffer discusses his early days, and how he went from law school to record producer. From his early works with Billy Thorpe and Tina Turner to his number one smash “Metal Health” with Quiet Riot, Spencer covers it all. We also discuss working with WASP on their “The Last Command” album as well as his transition into film, and his current projects with Meteor 17.

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Ep. 55: Mark Slaughter (Slaughter, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Solo)

Mark Slaughter (Slaughter, Vinnie Vincent Invasion) discusses his career – from starting in Xcursion, to joining Vinnie Vincent Invasion – to striking out (and finding huge success) with Slaughter. He goes into detail on the first two Slaughter records and discusses his new solo record – Reflections In A Rear View Mirror.

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Ep. 54: Carmine Appice (King Cobra, Blue Murder, Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Rated X)

Carmine Appice walks us through his entire career – from early days learning drums (and helping his brother Vinnie) to early success with Vanilla Fudge and Cactus. He also covers working with Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart and Ozzy Osbourne. We also take a look at his 80/90’s bands King Cobra, Blue Murder (and clears up the details of his involvement with the 2nd album Nothin’ But Trouble) and supergroup Mothers Army. Busier than ever, Carmine also gives details on Drum Wars, Rated X and the new Vanilla Fudge cd. He also reveals that he wants Dave Grohl to produce a new Drum Wars cd and that he’s currently about to mix a new Cactus album.

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Ep. 53: Rowan Robertson (Dio, DC4, Bang Tango)

Rowan Robertson (Dio, DC4, Bang Tango) walks us through his career – from joining Dio at only 17 years old, to having his album with Oni Logan (Violets Demise) shelved – all the way up to current projects such as DC4 and Bang Tango. From the writing sessions for “Lock Up The Wolves” to preparing for his years Monsters of Rock cruise, it’s all covered.

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Ep. 52: Jeff LaBar (Cinderella, Solo)

Jeff LaBar (Cinderella) tells us about his early days and early bands. He explains how he got the gig in Cinderella, and the recording of Night Songs, Long Cold Winter, Heartbreak Station – and how the changing musical climate affected Still Climbing. He also discusses Tom Keifer’s vocal problems and their failed recording contract with Sony in the late 90’s. He also talks about his new solo EP One For The Road, and the recording process for it. He also shares that he’s heading back into the studio to record the follow-up for Rat Pak Records.

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Ep. 51: Joey Allen (Warrant)

Joey Allen (Warrant) gives us a full overview of his career. He discusses the early days of Warrant, and their heyday in the late 80’s. He also shares why he left the band after Dog Eat Dog, what he did in the years before his return, reflects on Jani Lane, and looks forward to the next cd, and when that will be recorded.

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Ep. 50: Jeff Watson (Solo, Night Ranger, Mother’s Army)

Jeff Watson (Night Ranger, Mother’s Army, Solo) comes out of hiding (he’s a self-proclaimed hermit!) and discusses his life and career in this special 50th episode of The Double Stop. He explains his early days, and learning guitar. He covers the formation of Night Ranger and walks us through their early albums and eventual break-up. He discusses his first solo album, Lone Ranger, as well as Mother’s Army – his band with Joe Lynn Turner, Carmine Appice and Bob Daisley. He reveals for the first time the recent discovery of 5 lost Mother’s Army songs that he is preparing for release. He talks about the formation of Night Ranger, and why he decided to leave in 2008. He also discusses what led to him meeting his Night Ranger replacement – Joel Hoekstra – and their surprise jam at the Randy Rhoads Remembered show. He also discusses his plans to join the upcoming RRR tour. The bigger surprise is that Joel Hoekstra will be guesting on Jeff’s next single – following his new song “Squirrels & Kerosene”. And finally, Jeff announces his plans to re-release his solo track “Around the Sun” in tribute to his late father.

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Ep. 49: Richie Kotzen (Solo, The Winery Dogs)

Richie Kotzen returns for another episode of The Double Stop. He discusses his new cd “Cannibals”, along with everything that went into making it. He also discusses his creative process, the recent Grammy awards – and his frustration with the current state of music.
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Ep. 48: Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Solo, Art Of Anarchy, Guns N’ Roses)

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal joins us to discuss his history, and how he went from dropout to professor. He discusses his early records on Shrapnel (at the height of grunge), learning to play fretless guitar, and how he started his DYI approach. He talks about his 911 charity album, his experiment releasing a single a month over the course of a year, a little bit of Guns N’ Roses, plus Art of Anarchy and his new solo cd “Little Brother Is Watching”.

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