The Double Stop Podcast with Brian Sword

Ep: 65: Wyn Davis (Dio, Dokken, Foreigner)

Wyn Davis walks us through his career, from his early days in production, to working with Dokken, Dio and Foreigner. We learn how he became Ronnie James Dio’s favorite recording engineer, and shares his experiences working with Heaven & Hell.

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Ep. 64: Jonathan Mover (GTR, Joe Satriani, Fuel, Saigon Kick)

Jonathan Mover (GTR, Joe Satriani, Fuel, Saigon Kick) discusses his life and career. From his training a first bands to his work with GTR, Joe Satriani, Aretha Franklin, Fuel and Matt Kramer. He also covers how he started playing with Saigon Kick and also discusses his magazine – Drumhead Magazine.

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Ep. 63: Mike Fraser (Aerosmith, AC/DC, Coverdale / Page, Joe Satriani)

Mike Fraser discusses his career, from how he got his start with Bob Rock and Bruce Fairbairn, to his first big break with Aerosmith, working with Jimmy Page on the Coverdale – Page cd, AC/DC on The Razors Edge (and iconic guitar parts on Thunderstruck), Blue Murder, The Power Station, Joe Satriani, Chickenfoot, and the new AC/DC cd Rock or Bust.

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Ep. 62: Eric Martin Part 2 (Mr. Big, Solo)

In Part 2 with Eric Martin (Mr Big) he discusses the first Mr. Big tour with Rush, the success of Lean Into It, the refomation in the 90’s with Richie Kotzen, the reunion with all original members, the Mr. Vocalist series of cds in Japan, and he announces his new project with Warren DeMartini (Ratt).

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Ep. 61: Eric Martin (Solo, Mr. Big)

In Part 1 of my 2 part interview with Eric Martin (Mr. Big), he shares how he got his start in music, and discusses his early solo albums “Sucker For A Pretty Face”, “Eric Martin” and “I’m Only Fooling Myself”. Eric also covers his contribution to the Teachers soundtrack (a song he wrote with Neal Schon from Journey), as well as his near miss in Toto. We discuss the formation of Mr. Big (and the role Mike Varney had), and the recording of the first Mr. Big album.

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Ep. 60: Sean McNabb (Quiet Riot, House Of Lords, Great White, Dokken, Burning Rain)

Sean McNabb walks us through his entire career – from his early days to his first big break in Quiet Riot, he explains it all. He covers his time in House of Lords, Great White, Dokken, Burning Rain and now Lynch Mob. He also discusses his solo single “Fresh Air” where he is in singer/songwriter mode, and reveals Burning Rain’s plan to hit the studio and record a new cd for Frontiers Records.

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Ep. 59: Andrew McNeice (

Andrew McNeice discusses the history of – one of the first hard rock/melodic rock news sites on the net. He discusses how and why he started the site, its growth, his music festivals, his record label and the current state of the music business.

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Ep. 58: Ken Mary (House of Lords, Alice Cooper, Kip Winger)

Ken Mary (House of Lords, Alice Cooper, Impellitteri, Kip Winger) walks us through his career, starting with his early days, his first band (Fifth Angel), his time with Alice Cooper in the 80’s, recording early demos with Kip Winger and Paul Taylor, the formation of House of Lords (and why he left after the Sahara tour), his first solo project – Soul Shock Remedy and the House of Lords reunion album The Power and the Myth. He also reveals the terrible back pain that prevented him from playing drums for most of the last 15 years, and how he was able to recover and commence drumming again.

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Ep. 57: Tom Werman (Producer: Cheap Trick, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, Dokken, Rock Star)


Tom Werman walks us through his legendary producing career, from Cheap Trick to Motley Crue, and Twisted Sister to Dokken. He talks about his early days in music, and his rise to famed music Producer multiple hit records under his belt. He also addresses criticism by Cheap Trick, Twisted Sister and Motley Crue over his production style, and discusses his challenges working with George Lynch on the “Tooth and Nail” cd. He also covers the film Rock Star, and how helpful Jeff Pilson was in the studio. And finally, we discuss his retirement from the music business, and his latest venture – a luxury Bed & Breakfast in Massachusetts called Stoneover Farm.

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Ep. 56: Spencer Proffer (Producer: Quiet Riot, WASP, Tina Turner)


Spencer Proffer discusses his early days, and how he went from law school to record producer. From his early works with Billy Thorpe and Tina Turner to his number one smash “Metal Health” with Quiet Riot, Spencer covers it all. We also discuss working with WASP on their “The Last Command” album as well as his transition into film, and his current projects with Meteor 17.

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