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History of Robert Johnson


Robert Johnson fans (and Blues in general) – this one is for you. A fantastic history of Robert Johnson. AudioLab don’t usually cover music, but they did a great job on this one!

Ep. 45: Rudy Sarzo, David Ellefson, Phil X, Jason Hook, Nita Strauss (Hired Gun)

David Ellefson (Megadeth), Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Whitesnake), Jason Hook (Five Finger Death Punch, Mandy Moore), Phil X (Triumph, Bon Jovi, The Drills), Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper) and Director Fran Strine talk about the in-production documentary Hired Gun, and what it means to be a hired gun musician.

Plus, Phil X gives tribute to bassist Randy Coven.


Ep. 44: NAMM – Day 1 (Carvin, Peavey, Vigier, Tascam, Kurzweil, Yorkville Sound, EarthQuaker Devices)

Day 1 of my NAMM report with interviews with:

– Carvin Guitars
– Vigier
– EarthQuaker Devices
– Tascam
– Yorkville Sound
– Kurzweil
– Artizan Bass Works

Plus: coverage of the Peavey 50th Anniversary celebration, and new music by Blasted To Static featuring Jeff Martin (Racer X, Badlands)


Ep. 43: Robert Sarzo (Hurricane, Geoff Tate’s Queensrÿche)

Robert Sarzo (Hurricane, Geoff Tate’s Queensrÿche, Solo) talks about his life and career. He discusses his early days in Cuba, and coming to America when he was 6, his early bands with his brother Rudy, his early recordings and tours (and working with Jimmy Iovine and Bob Seger), his experience working with Ozzy Osbourne right after the death of Randy Rhoads, the formation of Hurricane and the making of their 2 cd’s (and his exit from the band), the recording of his solo album “After The Storm” (and why it was shelved for almost 30 years), how he got the gig for the Geoff Tate’s Queensrÿche tour, and his new project that he’s about to unleash).

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Ep. 42: Chris Coiller (Engineer: Lynch Mob, KXM, Prong)

Chris Collier (Engineer, Mixer, Mastering Engineer – KXM, Lynch Mob, Prong) joins us to discuss his career to date. He covers how he got into the business, how he ended up drumming on a Lita Ford cd, Working with Lynch Mob on the “Sound Mountain Sessions” and “Sun Red Sun”, and working with Travers & Appice, Prong (“Ruining Lives” and the upcomming covers cd “Songs From The Black Hole”, KXM, and Lynch’s 2-cd Shadowtrain soundtrack. He also discusses new projects, such as Fieldy’s (Korn) new Stillwell album, a new project with Ray Luzier and Billy Sheehan (for Madame Mayhem – which Sheehan is Producing), teases us regarding a new project with Jeff Pilson and gives an update on the new Lynch mob full length cd currently being recorded.

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Ep. 41: Jeff Pilson (Dokken, War & Peace, Dio, T&N, Underground Moon, Foreigner)


Jeff Pilson (Dokken, War & Peace, Dio, Foreigner, Lynch/Pilson, Underground Moon, T&N) discusses his entire career, including how he got his start on bass and his early bands/studies, how he joined Dokken, the making of their big albums in the 80’s, why they broke up, why he didn’t join Lynch Mob when they first formed, the formation of War & Peace, his time in Dio, the Dokken reunion, why he left, rekindling his friendship with George Lynch and the recording of Lynch / Pilson, why his name was off Underground Moon, and how he joined Foreigner and their latest recording – The Best of 4 & More. Plus he talks about current producing jobs for Last In Line and Adler, and a new solo rock cd that he is considering making.

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Ep. 40: Paul Taylor (Winger, Steve Perry, Alice Cooper, Tom Keifer)

Paul Taylor (Winger, Alice Cooper, Tom Keifer, Steve Perry) discusses his life and career. He talks about his early life, leading to joining the Alice Cooper band. He covers his time in Winger (and why he decided to leave), working on the Steve Perry album “For the Love of Strange Medicine” and the subsequent tour, his career writing for TV and film, the Winger reunion and working with Tom Keifer.

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Ep. 39: Derry Grehan (Honeymoon Suite)

Derry Grehan from Honeymoon Suite discusses the history of the band. From the huge success of their first album, to working with Bruce Fairbairn and Bob Rock on the follow-up “Big Prize, and Ted Templeton on Racing After Midnight. He also discusses the effects of Grunge, and how they were able to rebuild in the 2000’s. He also shares that Honeymoon Suite are working on new music, and when we can expect it.

Note: I’m traveling and my road mic decided to die – so there is no intro or outro on this episode.

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Find more about Derry at: Honeymoon Suite Official


Ep. 38: Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, John Fogerty)

Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, pretty much everyone else…) talks about his path as a drummer, and how he learned to play. He talks about the 17 years (and 10 albums) he spent playing in the John Mellencamp band, how he became one of the most sought after session drummers and covers working with such bands as Chickenfoot, Heaven & Earth, John Fogerty, The Smashing Pumpkins and more.

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Find more about Kenny at: Kenny Aronoff Official


Ep. 37: Vinnie Moore (Solo, UFO, Red Zone Rider)

Vinnie Moore (Solo, UFO, Alice Cooper, Red Zone Rider) discusses how he picked up the guitar, his first gig (a Pepsi Commercial), working with Vicious Rumors, his early instrumental albums, working with Alice Cooper, how he responded to grunge, how he joined UFO (this one blew my mind), the formation of Red Zone Rider, and his future plans.

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Find more about Vinnie at: Vinnie Moore Official