The Double Stop Podcast with Brian Sword

Ep. 38: Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, John Fogerty)

Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, pretty much everyone else…) talks about his path as a drummer, and how he learned to play. He talks about the 17 years (and 10 albums) he spent playing in the John Mellencamp band, how he became one of the most sought after session drummers and covers working with such bands as Chickenfoot, Heaven & Earth, John Fogerty, The Smashing Pumpkins and more.

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Ep. 37: Vinnie Moore (Solo, UFO, Red Zone Rider)

Vinnie Moore (Solo, UFO, Alice Cooper, Red Zone Rider) discusses how he picked up the guitar, his first gig (a Pepsi Commercial), working with Vicious Rumors, his early instrumental albums, working with Alice Cooper, how he responded to grunge, how he joined UFO (this one blew my mind), the formation of Red Zone Rider, and his future plans.

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Ep. 36: Greg Howe (Solo, Maragold, *NSYNC, Michael Jackson)

Greg Howe explains how he got his start, and how he learned to play the guitar. He also covers getting his record deal and his solo career, plus how he gives full detail on how he got the gig as a touring guitarist for Michael Jackson (plus Enrique Iglesias, NSYNC and Justin Timberlake). He also shares how and why he formed the band Maragold, and reveals that they are working on a new cd, with hopes of releasing it early next year.

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No new episodes for a few weeks

Hey folks – my father passed away so there won’t be any new episodes for at least 2 weeks. Will be back when the time is right.

Ep. 35: Steve Stevens (Billy Idol, Vince Neil, Top Gun Anthem)

Steve Stevens discusses his childhood and his path learning guitar (it was NOT rock), and the effects of his early influences. He covers his first recordings, how he met Billy Idol, and their rise to fame. He also shares why he ultimately left the band, but not before declining the lead guitarist gig for David Lee Roth (pre-Steve Vai). Other topics include working with Vince Neil, returning to Billy Idol, why he was unsatisfied with “Devil’s Playland”, and why he IS so happy with their new cd,  Kings & Queens of the Underground.

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Ep. 34: Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger, Whitesnake, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Rock of Ages)


Joel Hoekstra shares his story – from early instruments and teenage bands to joining Night Ranger and now nabbing one of the most sought after gigs for a guitar player – the mighty Whitesnake. He fills in the blanks from how he got the gig in Night Ranger and managed to juggle it with Rock of Ages on Broadway, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra – all at the same time. Plus, he goes into detail on how he got the gig in Whitesnake and his part of the recording process on the new cd.

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Ep. 32: Brandon Gibbs (Devil City Angels)

Brandon Gibbs from Devil City Angels discusses his early years, and how it led to him being asked to front a band that features Tracii Guns (LA Guns), Rikki Rocket (Poison) and Eric Brittingham (Cinderella). We also discuss the band’s use of social media to give fans a look behind the curtain as they write and record songs and play their first shows. Brandon gives great insight on the band, modern music business, and connecting with fans.

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Ep. 32: Bruce Bouillet (Racer X, The Scream, Solo)

Bruce Bouillet discusses his early days in Indiana, and his trek to LA for GIT (and meeting Paul Gilbert on his first day). We covers his time in Racer X (with Paul Gilbert) and The Scream (with John Corabi), and being forced to stop playing guitar because of Carpel Tunnel. He discusses his move into production (winning a Grammy with Motorhead), and his return to guitar thanks to a new non-surgical treatment. He also reveals that he’s putting together a new vocal band, and what he’s looking for is a singer as he starts holding auditions.

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Ep. 31: Oni Logan (Lynch Mob, Dio Disciples, Violets Demise)

This week Oni Logan (Lynch Mob, Dio Disciples, Violets Demise) discuss his career. And his girlfriend – Playboy model Ivy Ferguson. He covers his first stint with Lynch Mob with George Lynch, Violets Demise, his time in Switzerland, his much maligned solo album, and his return to the US – and Lynch Mob. We also talk about the new 6 song Lynch Mob EP coming in October – Sun Red Sun – a tribute to Ray Gillen from Badlands.


Ep. 30: Toby Wright (Alice in Chains, Jerry Cantrel, Korn, Brighton Rock)

Toby Wright (Alice in Chains, Korn, Kiss, Brighton Rock) shares his rise in the music business from working in Maintenance, to Assistant Engineer to his first big break – Producing Brighton Rock’s “Love Machine”. He found massive success with “Jar of Flies” by Alice In Chains – and album written and recorded in the studio in 10 days. He also produced their self titled follow-up, as well as their Unplugged album – a cd with his crowning achievement when it came time to master. He also goes into detail on his discovery in sound healing, and recounts his nightly dream that led him to it.

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